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Emily Dickinson -=- 1830-86

Emily was born and lived all her life in Amherst, Massachusetts. Although her early years were filled with the normal social activities of the daughter of a prominent citizen, she began to withdraw from the world outside her home. By the age of thirty she became an almost total recluse, never leaving her father's house and garden, dressing completely in white, receiving very few visitors, and carrying on most of her many fiendships through a regular correspondence. Only seven of her poems were published in her lifetime.

After her death, her sister Lavinia found over a thousand poems in her room, all bound neatly in home-made booklets. Almost all were short lyrics; most were untitled and undated; some appeared in several versions. When her work was later released it had changed metres and rhymes, altered metaphors, and substituted conventional grammar for the original complex syntax.

The subjects of Dickinson's poetry are the traditional ones of love, nature, religion and mortality, seen through her Puritan eyes, or, as she described it, "New Englandly." Much of the dramatic tension stems from her religious doubt; she was unable to accept the orthodox religious faiths of her friends and schoolmates, yet she longed for the comfort and emotional stability that such faith could bring. (Wordsworth, 258)

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